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This section of the body of knowledge looks at the available training on open source.

Linux Foundation Training Courses

CodeTitleCourse LengthTagsRecommendation
LFC102-107Open Source Management & Strategy10-15 hours
LFC101Inclusive Speaker Orientation2 hours
LFC102Community Orientation2 hours
LFC103Inclusive Strategies For Open Source2 hours
LFC104Ethics for Open Source Development2 hours
LFC105Antitrust Laws and Open Source Software Project Management and Participation1 hour
LFD102A Beginner's Guide to Open Source Software Development2 hours
LFC192Generating A Software Bill-Of-Materials2 hours
LFC193Introduction to Open Source License Compliance Management2 hours
LFC194Implementing Open Source License Compliance Management1 hours
LFC102Open Source Licensing Basics for Software Developers2 hours
LFD104xSecure Software Development: Requirements, Design, and Reuse4.5 hours
LFD105xSecure Software Development: Implementation5-7 hours
LFD106xSecure Software Development Verification and More Specialized Topics5-6 hours
LFD121Developing Secure Software14-18 hours
LFS142xIntroduction to Backstage: Developer Portals Made Easy10 hours

Other Materials

The Good Governance Initiative

The OSPO Alliance is built out of the OSS Good Governance Initiative (or GGI) blueprint developed by European open source organisations to help implement corporate-wide open source policies, and set up OSPOs. The methodology proposes a comprehensive approach based on five objectives (Goals) and a number of tasks (Activities) describing what steps should be implemented to build a successful OSPO.

The Open Source Way

The open source way is a way of thinking about how people collaborate within a community to achieve common goals and interests.